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[Fwd: Re: [gNewSense-users] gNewSense based on Feisty]

From: Alejandro Serrano
Subject: [Fwd: Re: [gNewSense-users] gNewSense based on Feisty]
Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2007 11:01:09 +0200
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Sorry, I forgot to send the list of changes to the list

-------- Mensaje original --------

Here is an approximate list of changes (ones marked with !! needs
special attention):
- config: changed the name of the release to 'deltad2' and changed the
packages to add and remove from gnewsense-desktop and
kgnewsense-desktop: the new artwork packages, the restricted-managed and
the hardware database.
- do-update: added the new artwork packages; kernel rebuilding commented
out until we find some way to make it work
- gen-artwork: make it work with the new ubuntu-artwork package. Changed
debian/control to point to gnewsense-{wallpapers, gdm-themes,
session-splashes} instead of feisty-* ones
- gen-example-content: extended the list of files to remove to the files
included in Feisty's example-content package
- gen-gdm-themes: new file, that updates feisty-gdm-themes with
gNewSense images
- gen-gnome-panel: removed the previous patch to remove the Ubuntu help
submenu because it didn't work with new source. That needs to be updated !!
- gen-human-icon-theme: new file, updates human-icon-theme in order to
replace Ubuntu icon with gNewSense one. However, it needs a review !!
- gen-kdefault-settings: I just made a couple of changed to make it
compile. I don't use KDE, so anyone knowing about it should work on it !!
- gen-livecd: the line ". config" was not working on my consoles, so I
changed it to use an absolute path to config file instead of a relative one
- gen-session-splahes: new file, updates feisty-session-splashes with
new artwork
- gen-ubiquity: updated the patch to the source code
- gen-update-manager: the way it works seems to be changed. I updated
the files to use gNewSense repos. Also corrected a bug when trying to
upload the changes to a repository because of dist-upgrader !!
- gen-usplash: updates usplash-theme-ubuntu with gNewSense one. Needs
more work to create several splash images for more sizes!!
- gen-wallpapers: make feisty-wallpapers use gNewSense images
All feisty-* packages have been renamed to gnewsense-*


rek2GNU/Linux escribió:
> Thanks/Gracias  Alejandro.
> Do you have a changelog? to see the exact changes you have made with
> out having to compare?
> I think the most stressing part of porting to feisty is the kernel...
> I can take care of -KDE like I have done before but we will need
> someone to do the kernel, this is very very important
> Brian can you open a branch for this and help with the kernel(since
> you already done it?
> Karl can you upgrade Firefox?
> can anyone else chip in some labor time :=)?
> Chris F.
> http//
> Alejandro Serrano escribió:
>> (...) 

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