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Re: [gNewSense-users] Package Freedom Verification.

From: Chris Andrew
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] Package Freedom Verification.
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 18:07:47 +0100


I second your thoughts, thanks for that.  I've had some interest from a chap called Peter, who seems keen to help us with the PFV.  I look forward to his contributions, and that of the others who have kindly signed-up to some of the package categories.

I did some more work this morning, so hopefully our package page looks a little more populated :-).

Thanks to all of you for taking time to add value to the distro.



On 23/06/07, Lee McCafferty <address@hidden> wrote:
Regarding package verification, I am quite happy to work away at one or
two packages a time and will continue to do so. Thanks for the praise
though Chris (it's always welcome). Also, adding a record each update is
a good idea and I will start doing so. I also think that it is a good
idea because if anyone wants to help out on a package already started,
some order can be maintained. That said, I would encourage anyone who
can, to volunteer on a package (doesn't necessarily even have to be a
new one). It is not difficult and doesn't have to be particularly time
consuming, if you have ten minutes to spare you could probably verify 3
or  4 programs. Unless of course you find a non-free program, but then
that's why we're doing this, innit? ;).


On Fri, 2007-06-22 at 15:04 +0100, Chris Andrew wrote:
> All,
> In an effort to move things on a bit, I've volunteered myself for more
> _package freedom verification_.   You will note that I have picked
> letters with lower package counts.  This was intentional.  Once we
> have more people to help, I will happily relinquish control of some/
> most of these package groups.
> Once again, I have to sing the praises of Lee for the excellent work
> he has done.  I notice (as I'm sure you all have), that he has also
> taken on more packages.
> Can I please ask those that have volunteered to help with the package
> freedom verification, that they give a status update, on the main
> package page.
> For example:
> (I'm sure the formatting will get screwed-up in the email)
> Main d-  dennisk  Adopted 01 Jun 07.  75% complete (date of this
> update).
> If this is thought to be a good way to do it, then perhaps it can be
> incorporated in to Lee's _Package Checking Guide_.
> Cheers, all.
> Chris.
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