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[gNewSense-users] Re: gNewSense-users Digest, Vol 12, Issue 14

From: Brian Kemp
Subject: [gNewSense-users] Re: gNewSense-users Digest, Vol 12, Issue 14
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2007 00:53:09 -0400

Our apologies. gNewSense is based off of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, "Dapper Drake."

If Tamizh (Tamil) is not available in Ubuntu 6.06, it will not be
available in gNewSense. If it is not available in the Ubuntu
installer, it will not be enabled in gNewSense's installer.

gNewSense depends on Ubuntu for its multilanguage support and does not
intentionally remove languages.*

More recent versions of Ubuntu may have support; I suggest performing
your own testing. There are plans to use the next LTS version of
Ubuntu for a base of gNewSense. (I think it's Hardy Heron at this

You may also want to check Debian GNU/Linux to see if this langauge is
supported at installation time and when it was added; however Ubuntu's
graphical installer isn't available in Debian.**

As of note, I suspect that this package may not be available at time
of install (cribbed from Debian's package pages; probably also in
Ubuntu's and gNS)

>What i am speaking is about the non-availability of tamizh at the time of
>Sri Ramadoss M

* I could be wrong on this point. I hope not, though.
** I could be wrong on this one too.

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