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[gNewSense-users] PFV FAQ list.

From: Chris Andrew
Subject: [gNewSense-users] PFV FAQ list.
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 10:38:50 +0100

Hi, everybody.

I have created a PFV FAQ list.  It is in it's early stages, and needs
formatting.  I hope this helps out.

If you think that something can be added to it, could you please
consider asking myself of Lee McCafferty (lee797).  I know this is a
wiki and anybody should be able to add to it, but  the FAQ's
encompasses PFV guidelines which need to be followed.

If you're not sure, ask.  You'll probably put something good in there,
but if it goes against accepted policy, it will be discussed on the
list and then altered accordingly.

Better just to discuss it first.

Mark, this will probably need to be added to the documentation index.

Hope that makes sense :-)



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