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Re: [gNewSense-users] Vague Copyright "Notice"

From: Karl Goetz
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] Vague Copyright "Notice"
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2007 13:31:49 +0930

On Mon, 2007-10-08 at 11:38 +0800, Peter Rock wrote:
> I found the following notice in two packages (expect & expect-tcl8.3)...
> What do folks think about this? It is not a clear notice. The note
> says what "management" "will eventually say" but "eventually" is not
> now. I've sent an email but no response yet. I've simply labeled them
> as "unsure". Should I file a bug?
> Other than that, the two sections of MainE are now finished!

Heres a link for those playing at home:

> -------------------------
> This package was debianized by David Engel <address@hidden>
> from sources obtained from
> It is now maintained by Mike Markley <address@hidden>.
> Copyright:

I'm not sure - does this answer your question?

> You should not claim that you wrote it (since this would be a lie), nor
> should you attempt to copyright it (this would be fruitless as it is a
> work of the US government and therefore not subject to copyright).

My understanding is anything written by the US govt is placed in the
public domain. I'm not sure about written /for/ the US govt.

> NIST would appreciate any credit you can give for this work.  One line
> may suffice (as far as I'm concerned) although there should be
> something to the effect that this software was produced for research
> purposes.  No warantee, guarantee, or liability is implied.

Karl Goetz <address@hidden>
Debian / Ubuntu / gNewSense

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