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[gNewSense-users] Just some things I'd like to say....

From: Stewart Starbuck
Subject: [gNewSense-users] Just some things I'd like to say....
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 14:38:09 +0000 (GMT)

Well, what an interesting few days it's been here.
Firstly my thanks to everyone doing PFV, you're starting to put me to shame 
again! (lolz.. damn uni, sucking up all my time)

That's not what I'm here to talk about though (however, it is great to see gNS 
is still progressing nicely)..
As many of you I'm sure are aware the gobuntu mailing list has been a hive of 
activity recently. The post I made (that I also posted in here) genarated far 
more feedback than I had expected.

Now, those of you on that list will also have got Mark Shuttleworth's 
response... I'll post it here for those not on the list:

Folks, this is a -devel list, primarily for discussion of work that people are 
actually doing on Gobuntu. Most of the traffic so far as been "what we want 
from Gobuntu" not "what we will put into Gobuntu". Please don't use this list 
as a forum for demands about your ideal platform - use it to discuss the work 
you are willing to put into bringing Gobuntu more into line with that ideal.
Gobuntu exists as a forum for action - it will only be as good as the effort 
that goes into it. Colin, Evan, Daniel Holbach and others will help anyone who 
wants to put time and effort into Gobuntu achieve that goal.


Is he saying that, of all the feedback and ideas on how to make Gobuntu more 
free he is acturaly telling us to basicaly shut up?!

I won't post his name here, as he's not around (but those on IRC at the time 
will know who posted it, obviosuly), but somone had a very good comment:

<snip> laidbackvampire, yeah, i'm going to bed so i dont tear him a new rear

Why didn't I think of that?, lol.

Anyway, this is starting to sound like a rant, so I need to try and calm down. 
It's just pissed me off that somone who claims to be trying to support Free 
software then goes and makes out we are in the wrong for saying how it can be 
made better.

Sorry for clogging up your mailboxes guys, I just needed to vent some steam.

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