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Re: [gNewSense-users] PFV- script writer required.

From: Markus Laire
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] PFV- script writer required.
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 18:13:27 +0300

On 10/16/07, Chris Andrew <address@hidden> wrote:
> I am interested in seeing whether a script can be produced, that would
> produce a list for the PFV people to use. The aim would be to help PFV
> people to track any sections that are not being actively maintained.
> The results would ideally be published weekly.
> I am yet to begin to learn Perl/ Python or any other language, so I am
> sure the way I have recorded the requirement below, is not ideal.  I
> apologise for this.  Anyone feel they can help?

> It needs to:
> 0) List all sections that have been adopted
> 1) Discard any of this list that has been worked-on in the last month
> 2) Discard any sections that are 100% completed
> 3) Split the result into a list of _Not yet adopted_, _100% completed,
> but not 100% free_, and finally, _< 100% free_.

I just finished an initial version of the script (in Perl, attached)
which categorizes sections into 6 categories. Do you have any feedback
on what should be changed, if anything?

Output of the script: ("ongoing" means that there has been work done
during last 30 days. "stalled" is the opposite)

========== Summary ==========
Completed, Free              : 63
Completed, NOT Free, ongoing : 4
Completed, NOT Free, stalled : 1
NOT Completed, ongoing       : 13
NOT Completed, stalled       : 7
NOT adopted                  : 25
Total                        : 113
========== Completed, NOT Free, stalled ==========
Main c
========== NOT Completed, stalled ==========
Main libe
Main libgn-libgz
Main libxj-libxz
Main men-mz?
Main na-nd?
Main ne-nz?
Main pyt-pz?
========== NOT adopted ==========
Main language-pack-gr - language-pack-kc?
Main language-pack-kd - language-pack-kde-ce?
Main language-pack-kde-cf - language-pack-kde-fz?
Main language-pack-kde-g - language-pack-kde-hz?
Main language-pack-kde-i - language-pack-kde-k?
Main language-pack-kde-l - language-pack-kde-m?
Main language-pack-kde-n - language-pack-kde-ps?
Main language-pack-kde-pt - language-pack-kde-sr?
Main language-pack-kde-ss - language-pack-kde-uz?
Main language-pack-kde-v - language-pack-kde-zz?
Main language-pack-kdf - language-pack-mg?
Main language-pack-mh - language-pack-nr?
Main language-pack-ns - language-pack-sd?
Main language-pack-se - language-pack-th?
Main language-pack-ti - language-pack-yi?
Main language-pack-yj - language-st?
Main language-support-a - language-support-hz?
Main language-support-i - language-support-nz?
Main language-support-o - language-support-tz?
Main language-support-u - language-support-zz?
Main languagea - linuxz?
Main linv - lz?
Main libga-libgm?
Main xa-xfc?
Main xfd-xl?

Markus Laire

Description: test/html

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