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[gNewSense-users] Weekly update.

From: Chris Andrew
Subject: [gNewSense-users] Weekly update.
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2007 19:33:02 +0000

Hi, everybody.

It's that time, again. The week went something a little like this:

0. Bugs:

Bug page:
Bug stats:

34 open bugs.
+2 change from last week

Whilst it's a good thing that more bugs and non-free software are
being identified, we have to be careful that we don't just report bugs
and then hope someone else may find a resolution.  Often, in the case
of questioning licences, it may just be a case of emailing the package
maintainer (details in the copyright), and/ or seeking advice from

Often, bugs can be a bit more technical in nature, and these can fall
to BrianB or PaulOM.  It could be useful to offer to help them out.
This way, we learn a bit from them, and hopefully spread the load.

1.  Package Freedom stats:

PFV page:
PFV stats:

Looks like the number of package sections has stabilized at 113. We
have 71 100% free package sections, which is an increase of 8
sections.  Nice one, everybody.

You've probably noticed the output from Markus' script.  This script
runs a check on the various package sections and the activity taking

All of the information is drawn from information that you have put
into the summary tables.  If the script says that you haven't touched
a section for 70 days, and you were working on it yesterday, then you
probably didn't update your progress.

You may notice _Section x has not been updated for nn days, and needs help._
If you see a message like this, it means the PFV person that has
adopted this section, has either been very busy, has died, or has
found new and fascinating features in M$ Windoze.  Bottom line is,
he/she needs some help.  If you see anything like this, have a look at
the section, and see if you can move it on.

PLEASE, PLEASE keep working on the PFV stuff, as we are really
achieving a lot.  It would be a mistake to give-up, now.

2.  Report on Suspected non-free table:

The Suspected non-free table doesn't seem to be getting as much use as
it should be.  Please note that any packages that you are not sure
about, should be recorded here, and a bug raised.  If the bug has been
raised already, add your new findings to the bug, and x-refer your new
findings on the Suspected non-free table.  IF IT'S NOT DOCUMENTED, IT

I sent out an email, but just a reminder, the Suspected non-free table
has a new column at the end, please can you populate it.

3.  The rest:

It's been a great week for package freedom.  Many people have
contributed, and off the top of my head, good contributions came from
Edi, Lee, Pete, David, BrianK and Leo.  I'm sure there are others, so
forgive any omissions.  I'm starting to prepare the background for our
next big task, so please forgive me if I don't encourage you as often
as you'd like.

As far as the really hard stuff goes, Brian, Karl and PaulOM have been
hard at work.  This work tends to go unnoticed, but without them, we'd
be pretty stuck.

Thanks everybody.

Take care,


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