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Re: [gNewSense-users] xfont-core and GLX Public License

From: Kevin Dean
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] xfont-core and GLX Public License
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 16:25:40 -0400

The GLX Public License is "Unverified" thus far. I THINK it is Free
Software, but I'm not 100% sure.

I suggested on an earlier thread about this license to contact
address@hidden I've now taken the time to do that myself.

I haven't gotten a responce, but should anyone else need info the
message was assigned an ID of "[ #346281]".

Hopefully we can get this put to rest AND have an additional license
added to the FSF/ list for future PFV work.

-Kevin Dean

On 10/30/07, Edi Granado <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi,
> * I'm not sure about xfonts-core. The copyright file is not meaningful to me:
> The file includes (i'm not 100% sure) xfonts-100dpi, xfonts-75dpi,
> xfonts-scalable, xfonts-base which they are free.
> * Is the GLX Public License free?
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