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[gNewSense-users] Hello Gnewsense listmembers

From: Eric Morey
Subject: [gNewSense-users] Hello Gnewsense listmembers
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2007 11:14:08 -0500
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Hello all.

Please allow me to introduce myself to the list. I'm a Financial/Lending industry professional from New Jersey with a newly formed interest in software (I wish I would have given it a chance in High School). For the past 12 months I've been the business analyst whit responsibility for two internally developed software models being rolled out throughout the company I work for. This has invigorated within me a previously passing interest in software design and development. In my search for some free (as in Beer) resources for self learning C++, I came across Emacs, GNU and the Free Software Foundation and received an unexpected education in the ethics of software (also ethics of technology and applied ideas).

As the only ethical option that suits my needs, I've been using gnewsense as my sole OS on my primary PC (my wife insists on using Windows XP on her PC) since March of this year. After using GNS and monitoring this and other mailing lists and news articles, I'm now satisfied that GNS is the long term system for me. It seems that GNS is the one of the only free systems (possibly the only one) that puts the decision of adding non-free software on a system into the consciousness of the system's owner. GNS is also usable for 100% of what I need to do and 99% of what I'd like to do (e.g. I couldn't get Gnash working on my initial attempt and haven't had time to give it another go. Maybe some one can give me some help on my next try).

Now that you know a bit about me...

Chris Andrew wrote:
We now have only 3 sections left in MAIN that need adopting.  This is
great news, as we head towards another milestone.

Is anybody able to adopt another section, so that we can progress even further?

I'd like to adopt a section. I've never edited a Wiki before. I see that there is a tutorial on the basics of Wiki editing. After reviewing it, I'll add my profile and document anything that I do for the PFV effort going forward. I tend to work extremely slow but diligently. So if you don't see any activity from me at times, it just means that I'm into the detail of something. I'll come up for air at some point.


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