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[gNewSense-users] Weekly bug and PFV statistics.

From: Chris Andrew
Subject: [gNewSense-users] Weekly bug and PFV statistics.
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 20:31:52 +0000

Hi, everybody.

It's that time, again. The week went something a little like this:

0. Bugs:

Bug page:
Bug stats:

36 bugs.
Same as last week

We need to try to solve some of these, and not just hope that somebody
else will!

1.  Package Freedom stats:

PFV page:
PFV stats:

We have 92 100% free package sections, which is the same as last week :-(.

We only have another 1 section that needs adopting.  Main libga-libgm
has had some interest, but nobody has managed to commit themselves,
yet. Anyone?

Additionally, we have 15 package sections that haven't been updated
for so long, that it's possible that the package section owners, have
died (only joking)!  It would be really great to have a go at helping
these sections out.

If you want to use Markus' script, to update the stats, look here:

Any one can (and should) use it.

2.  Report on Suspected non-free table:

The Suspected non-free table doesn't seem to be getting as much use as
it should be.  Please note that any packages that you are not sure
about, should be recorded here, and a bug raised.  If the bug has been
raised already, add your new findings to the bug, and x-refer your new
findings on the Suspected non-free table.  IF IT'S NOT DOCUMENTED, IT

I sent out an email reminder regarding the Suspected non-free table.
This doesn't seem to be being used correctly.  If you have an item in
here, PLEASE confirm that you've reported it as a bug.  This hasn't
happened on all the entries.  PLEASE CHECK :-).  For the columns that
don't have dates of the last update, I have recorded _No
date-STALLED_.  When this area of the wiki gets scripted, it will
automatically highlight the entries that don't seem to be moving on,
and get reported weekly. Please update!!  Could the following please
check their entries: Pete Rock, MattF, Odder, Laidback and Edi...2
seconds work guys.  Cheers :-).

PLEASE check your entries!

3.  I'm starting to look at some PFV checking of the kernel, and still
need some volunteers, for the future.  If you think you may be
interested, can you please email me directly, at the usual place.
This work is in it's early stages, and will not be started until
Packages/ MAIN is completely checked.

4.  It's been an interesting week, with notable contributions from
Luis GarcĂ­a (Ark74), Elopio and Lee...thanks, guys!

Thanks as always to everyone :-)



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