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[gNewSense-users] Documentation

From: Mark William Darbyshire
Subject: [gNewSense-users] Documentation
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 22:53:27 +1300

Hello everyone,

It's time to get the gNewSense documentation back on track! I'm more
guilty then anyone else of neglecting to work on the documentation, but
I'm back with a fresh bout of enthusiasm and no study commitments for a
couple of months (having finished high school).

I've completely changed the layout of the Documentation page. The
Proposed Structure has been incorporated into the main documentation
page, and links to documentation that doesn't exist yet that were used
to populate the old table have been removed, so that we're left with a
list of available documentation for those who need it, and a
work-in-progress structure for those who wish to contribute. See

Currently the Proposed Structure is as follows. Most sections need many
more categories or articles, so suggestions are welcome. Of course
suggestions for overall changes and improvements to the structure are
also welcome.

Let's see if we can hammer out a final structure before Christmas, ready
to actually start writing documentation early next year!

     1. Installing gNewSense
     2. Introduction to the desktop environment 
             1. GNOME
             2. KDE
     3. Basic Settings 
             1. Users
             2. Networking and Internet 
                     1. Dialup
                     2. LAN and Broadband
                     3. WAN ?
     4. Using gNewSense 
             1. The Internet 
                     1. Browsing the Internet
                     2. Emails
                     3. Instant Messaging
             2. Productivity 
                     2. The GIMP
             3. Adding and Removing Programs
             4. Changing the Appearance of gNewSense 
                     1. Desktop
                     2. Screensavers
                     3. Themes
     5. Advanced


Mark William Darbyshire

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