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[gNewSense-users] More sections completed

From: Bake Timmons
Subject: [gNewSense-users] More sections completed
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 13:15:42 -0400
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Since the new drivers page is not yet manually updatable, I just wanted
to give a heads up on the completion of these short sections:


These short sections were for more expedient testing of my new script,
which I hope to post here later today.

One *inconsistency* that I see in the new drivers page is the missing
virtio directory.

The rest of this email concerns an aspect of the KFV work process.

The main holdup in posting my script is whether to add a new feature
that will be helpful but that will also complicate the KFV workflow,
namely the feature of *recursively* editing directory sections.  E.g.,
the Emacs script simplifies the viewing and editing of a table of
entries (might be screwed up under a non-fixed font) such as:

Comment ID & License   All non-free    Filename
(Enter License         SW reported
0=No Lic Text)         (Y, N, n/a)
---------------------- --------------- ---------------
 1 ?                    ?              Makefile
Directory               ?              maple
Directory               ?              superhyway

I intend for the pressing of <C-return> on any of the above three lines
to do something useful.  On the file here, it will pop up the contents
of Makefile with any initial comment highlighted and prompt for a choice
of license using a keyboard shortcut and fill in the table with the
proper info.  This table is ultimately used to generate and upload the
appropriate wiki pages.

Directories are another matter here.  It seems to me that pressing
<C-return> on a directory entry should recursively start another table
which one can fill out.  While this is a natural part of the workflow,
deep hierarchies might make it somewhat unwieldy, with several partially
completed tables floating around inside Emacs.

I am tempted to just skip the feature for now and just post the script,
since is already quite helpful at this point.  After all, another
sensible workflow is to work bottom-up, start with the deepest sections,
complete each one at a time, so that parent sections automatically
generate the right info for (finished) sub-directories.

Indeed, I just thought of a good approach here.  The main command is
kfv-start, which asks for a section URL on which to work, such as

Instead of jumping straight into a table with subdirectories, the
command could be modified to first present a reverse depth-first ordering of the
section URLs, e.g., a little window showing just

Then the user could simply run kfv-start on each of those sections
starting from the top.

I plan to implement this and post the script today.  As always,
comments, questions, etc. are gratefully accepted.

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