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[gNewSense-users] KFV Mode 0.3 with bug fixes, directory feature

From: Bake Timmons
Subject: [gNewSense-users] KFV Mode 0.3 with bug fixes, directory feature
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 03:48:10 -0400
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I am happy to announce KFV Mode 0.3, a program that helps automate the
Kernel Freedom Verification (KFV) project of the gNewSense.  Version 0.3
is attached to the end of this email.  Note: I have also attached a very
quickly written tutorial that might be of some help.

Changes since 0.2:

* Fixed bugs that affected new users and other bugs
* Fixed a bug that happened on the turn to April Fools Day (no kidding!)
* Every table entry can be "edited" now, including directories
* Easier and faster keyboard behavior--e.g., use RETURN, not Control RETURN
* Proxies are no longer supported until KFV can use them reliably
Features of KFV Mode 0.3:

* Complete a section page of KFV all from within Emacs
* Keyboard shortcuts minimizes fussing with typos and formatting
* Automated markup generation gives pages a more consistent look
* Automatic uploading of markup avoids tedious busywork with a web
* Network functions happen in the background, unless to handle errors
* Every function and variable (minimally) documented for
  straightforward customization
* Incorporates latest changes to formatting conventions in KFV project

KFV Mode runs under the Emacs editor and has been lightly tested on
Emacs versions 21 and a recent snapshot.  It is as simple as loading the
attached file in Emacs with load-file and then running the kfv-start

Code and feedback are appreciated.  Even if you do not plan to use Emacs
for helping with KFV, perhaps you might consider copying some of
KFV Mode's features into other software.

Have fun.

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