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Re: [gNewSense-users] KFV firmware freedom check

From: jeff
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] KFV firmware freedom check
Date: Thu, 08 May 2008 14:22:11 -0300
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Alexandre Oliva wrote:
On May  5, 2008, jeff <address@hidden> wrote:
The deblob script isn't for finding blobs, but removing known ones. It
does so, in most cases, by removing the entire file that contained the
blob and removing that driver from Kconfig and the Makefile.

As for removing the entire file, for 2.6.25 I've come up with an
alternate deblob script that, instead of removing the complete driver,
removes only the firmware code in it, and marks the driver as
depending on NONFREE in the Kernel config file.

It makes the driver unselectable without further changes to the source
code, and removes all the non-Free stuff in its source code, but at
least the Free Software in there is left alone, such that anyone
willing to drop in Free firmware, or change the code to no longer
depend on the non-Free firmware, can use that as a starting point.

More importantly, it makes it easier to integrate upstream patches,
especially minor, rc and git ones, that often touch these files but
without modifying the firmware portions.  I expect this will make it
much easier for me to track daily kernel builds.

This is so much better of an approach. I suggest gnewsense use this script in future kernel builds.

Also see this monster of a script done by Alexandre Oliva:
This proposal is implemented in the script available at

The resulting kernel tree hasn't been "blessed" by you, which is why
for my 2.6.25 Fedora builds I've named the result libre-linux.  If we
agree this is the way to go, I'll go back to using linux-libre, like I
did in the 2.6.24 series.

gnewsense used blag's deblob script for their kernel, but BLAG is using lxoliva's script. ;)

Yes, use linux-libre. Is this where you want to store the kernel sources? There is space on the blag server if needed.

Huge thanks,


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