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Re: [gNewSense-users] Compiling alsa drivers

From: Bruno Miguel
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] Compiling alsa drivers
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 16:41:10 +0100

Em 10-06-2008 16:24:06 crap0101 escreveu:
> Il giorno lun, 09/06/2008 alle 22.13 +0100, Bruno Miguel ha
> scritto:
> > Hi.
> > 
> > I installed the recent kernel update and, as espected, my
> computer 
> > lost sound. So, I tried to compile the driver in alsa-source 
> > package, but this didn't solve anything.
> which package have you installed?
> I'd compiled it without extra-parameter and it work

I installed the needed packages as I was getting the warning in ./

> > I followed this steps:
> >  - sudo ./configure --with-cards=emu10k1 --with-kernel=/usr/
> src/
> > linux-headers-2.6.24-18-generic/
> >  - sudo make
> >  - sudo make install-modules
> why using sudo for the ./configure and meke steps?

Because I had the source in /usr/src/ and usually I can't run ./
configure properly in those locations.

I finally gave up and I made an online search about the subject and 
I found this entry in Ubuntu's Wiki:
I've already shared it in the Forum. Hope it helps some folks. :)

Bruno Miguel

ps: How can I get in touch with the gNS artistic team?

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