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Re: [gNewSense-users] KFV: possible firmware

From: Peter and Jesse
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] KFV: possible firmware
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 11:36:42 -0700

Great. Thanks, Bake. Last question, and then this directory is done
(sorry, I probably should have put this all on one email).
 has the following introduction:

Lot of voodoo here.  Even the data sheet doesn't help to
     understand what is going on here, the documentation for the audio
     part of the cx2388x chip is *very* bad.

     Some of this comes from party done linux driver sources I got from

     Some comes from the dscaler sources, one of the dscaler driver guy works
     for Conexant ...

And it has long static structs like this:

static const struct rlist nicam_bgdki_common[] = {
                {AUD_AFE_12DB_EN, 0x00000001},
                {AUD_RATE_ADJ1, 0x00000010},
                {AUD_RATE_ADJ2, 0x00000040},
                {AUD_RATE_ADJ3, 0x00000100},
                {AUD_RATE_ADJ4, 0x00000400},
                {AUD_RATE_ADJ5, 0x00001000},
                {AUD_ERRLOGPERIOD_R, 0x00000fff},
                {AUD_ERRINTRPTTHSHLD1_R, 0x000003ff},
                {AUD_ERRINTRPTTHSHLD2_R, 0x000000ff},
                {AUD_ERRINTRPTTHSHLD3_R, 0x0000003f},
                {AUD_POLYPH80SCALEFAC, 0x00000003},
                {AUD_DEEMPHGAIN_R, 0x000023c2},
                {AUD_DEEMPHNUMER1_R, 0x0002a7bc},
                {AUD_DEEMPHNUMER2_R, 0x0003023e},
                {AUD_DEEMPHDENOM1_R, 0x0000f3d0},
                {AUD_DEEMPHDENOM2_R, 0x00000000},
                {AUD_PDF_DDS_CNST_BYTE2, 0x06},
                {AUD_PDF_DDS_CNST_BYTE1, 0x82},
                {AUD_QAM_MODE, 0x05},
                { /* end of list */ },

There doesn't seem to be any other signs of firmware.

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