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[gNewSense-users] Re: KFV script: nan%

From: Bake Timmons
Subject: [gNewSense-users] Re: KFV script: nan%
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 16:57:13 -0400
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> I was working on linux-ubuntu-modules in section
> ubuntu/sound/alsa-driver and tried to process the directory modules
> with the script. This is an empty directory. The script made an empty
> page for it (apart from the table header), which is probably what it
> should do. But for the parent page it suggested that I change the
> modules row to:
> ...||22 Jun 08||0||nan%||nan%||...
> which I believe should be:
> ...||22 Jun 08||0||100.00%||100.00%||...
> Smells like divide by zero?

It turns out that there is, in fact, a trivial "dot" file, .keepme, in
that directory.  IMO, "number of files" should ignore all such files
and directories, along with items with names that begin with "#" or
end with "~" (typically backup files).  (Of course, this does not
address the divide by zero issue.)

kfv.el currently does not touch section information other than the
section being processed and the corresponding section entry in the
table of its parent section.  Thus, it does not undo miscounting
problems caused by what I consider to be a bug in some other script.

Recommendation: could someone please fix the script (, I
believe) that is mistakenly counting files that should be ignored?  I
think this should just involve fixing a glob pattern or regular
expression used with the find command.  FWIW, here is the relevant
argument kfv.el currently uses in its find call:

-regex '\(\.+/[^.#]\|/?[^/.#]\)[^/]*\(/[^/.#][^/]*\)*[^~]'

I am not particularly good at regular expressions, so please do
recommend improvements if you cannot resist that kind of thing. :)

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