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Re: [gNewSense-users] KFV non-free reporting should recurse

From: Bake Timmons
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] KFV non-free reporting should recurse
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2008 19:12:13 -0400
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>     Of course, dates and adopters have no dependence on subsections.  All
>     other fields, however, do depend on not just the immediate content of
>     the directory (e.g., "pci" in this case) but also the subsections.
>     What do you think?  Unless I am wrong here, I will update kfv.el to do
>     this right.
> Yes, recursive numbers are useful for a good overview.
> Can the final output of KFV be a wiki page that simply lists everything 
> non-free for removal?
> They'll be removed in batch, and digging through the 300+ wiki pages would 
> just be a hassle.

Although the digging is already unnecessary(*), I propose that the
page(s) for non-free items be *in addition* to the current pages for
these reasons:

+ We can do it *sooner* since it is *less work* than adapting existing
scripts to stop handling output in the existing format (at least in my
+ Some people may find the existing pages to be a useful form of
documentation that goes into decisions.  E.g., typically, every *file
entry* is linked to a separate page stating a reason for why it is
free or not.
+ The pages are good for giving the wiki a needed consistency, both in
look and purpose, which is particularly reassuring to newcomers, IMO.

IMO, the best implementation for batch use is a *cumulative* web page
or web pages of non-free items.  The check for removals could then be
run on whether one or a few pages have changed at all.  I could easily
add this feature to the next version of the kfv.el script.  If you
want, the output could just be a plain list of path names of non-free
files on a page that would be updated every time a "section page"
containing non-free items is uploaded.

(*) Even with the "reporting" error that I previously indicated, the
current wiki pages are *already* structured consistently enough to be
handled in batch.  E.g., a script could just grep through the wiki
page sources for any table entry line not containing the string "N/A"
in the "Non-Free Reported" field and output the non-free file names
into a list.  I am ignorant about PmWiki installation, etc., but I
assume that the grepping would just be on a bunch of files and not
have to hit the web server.

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