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Re: [gNewSense-users] Please correct or add to new non-free wiki page

From: Sam Geeraerts
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] Please correct or add to new non-free wiki page
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2008 23:30:36 +0200
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Bake Timmons wrote:
What more needs to be done in linux-ubuntu-modules? I can't make that
out from the wiki. Depriving a man of his Lugradio for too long makes
him do funny things, so I'd like to know if there's anything more I
can do to resolve the sound issue.
The percent calculations on a few pages are low, leading people to
believe that there is more to be done than there really is.  After
fixing that, I will report back if there are any other outstanding

OK, I have updated the section pages in question, and am glad to say
that we are indeed done with linux-ubuntu-modules, with the exception
of just two files that Eric is waiting to get an email reply for.
These are the two files that I took the liberty of adding to the
non-free page; I would happy to be found wrong about adding them.
Thanks to everyone who pitched in on this reporting!

Nice! Good work, everyone.

The effort, however, does continue, since we have much more to verify
in the rest of the kernel as well as packages.  Moreover, we should
always try to improve our process, such as handling upgrades in a
civilized way.

One immediate issue that we should sort out is what "DONE" means.  To
me, it means that one *intends* no further changes to an entry in the
table.  That implies that either the entry is found to be 100% free
(noted with a "N/A" report) or that it has been completely reported
(noted with a "Yes" report) using whichever mechanism the project
recommends, such as reporting a bug.  The %done for an individual
non-free file can be interpreted differently: e.g., one might say 50%
if it has not yet been reported.  However, I think the main thing is
not any intermediate percent values but whether it is 100% done,
implying a "Yes" report.  That explains why I also took the liberty of
marking Eric's two files as not done, since he is still waiting on a
reply about their status.  Please correct me if I am missing something
about the "DONE" issue.

I agree, 100% done should mean: the adopter has looked at the file and has either judged it to be free or has reported a bug for it. The entry should then need to be changed only once, if the bug is closed finding the file free after all (preferably as a conclusion to a discussion on the mailing list).

In looking back on the KFV process, I recall the time that Brian
reminded us that the big problem is non-free firmware (i.e., binary
blobs).  I felt a little stupid at that point, since I had mostly
thought about license details.  Then Danny mentioned a possible
evolution of our process to have a more sophisticated back end.  We
are also considering what place license-guessing tools such as
Fossology might have.  Change always risks some discomfort, so I hope
everyone voices their concerns as we move beyond linux-ubuntu-modules.

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