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Re: [gNewSense-users] The next highest priorities for gNewSense?

From: Bake Timmons
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] The next highest priorities for gNewSense?
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 13:38:57 -0400
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> Searching for policy bugs is a good starter in debian - all non-free
> stuff is apolicy violation by defnition.
> Looking at the RC bug count for Lenny is another way of finding out
> obvious errors - because someone else has already found them ;)
> Only thing to bear in mind is that (for example) Debian considers a non
> modifable document to be non-free. gNewSense doesnt.

Great stuff--thanks.

>> Freedom | Adopted        | Open / | Date of   | Summary
>> Bug #   |                | Bug /  | Bug       |
>>         |                | No Bug |           |
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>> 491354  | NEEDS ADOPTING | Open   | Jul 20 08 | texlive-fonts-extra: No 
>> license statement for wsuipa fonts
> I dont think "Adopted" would need a seperate box. under "Summary" just
> add "i'mw orking on this" and of course a link to the bug report.

Too late--I already put the table up. :) Seriously, of course anyone should
fix up the table to suit their needs.  As it stands, the only fields
that must be edited are "Adopted" and "Open/Bug/No Bug".  And I
suppose it might be useful to edit the Summary for some reason.
Whatever works for everybody--I will just put in on hold and get back
to the kernel work, as Brian suggested.  The table just has 23 entries
so far, none of them kernel-related.

> A perfect example is the Xorg GLX code. Closed in Ubuntu ("we dont use
> XFree86"), and ignored in debian (for 4 years).

Ouch!  That's downright spooky--what a relief to have gNewSense

> For ubuntu you can use launchpads web seearch, or the mail interface.
> Launchpads mail interfac should be largely debbugs compatible.

Thanks--that's interesting.  I look forward to messing around with
that later, for a number of reasons.

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