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Re: [gNewSense-users] PFV mode: partially verify directory

From: Sam Geeraerts
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] PFV mode: partially verify directory
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 19:06:38 +0200
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Bake Timmons wrote:
Is it possible to verify a directory only partially with Emacs PFV
Mode? My experience is that it takes an all or nothing approach: it
doesn't see which files have already been completed in the wiki and it
resets the files that have not been done in the current session. If
there is a way around this I'd like to know, because that would come
in handy in Linux kernel sections like

First of all, for anyone new to "PFV Mode", it is currently
interchangeable with "KFV Mode" and "kfv.el".

Partial verification depends on current wiki data, but since KFV Mode
typically relies on cached data to minimize network load on the wiki,
you may have problems.  Possible solutions:

1. Run M-x kfv-toggle-cache to turn off caching of wiki data.
2. Force KFV Mode to ask before opening up old copies of your work in
   a directory (section).  This is controlled via the
   "kfv-ask-to-open-old-kfv-files-flag" variable, so you can set this
   to the value t for true.  M-x set-variable sets it until you quit
   Emacs; M-x customize-set-variable sets it permanently.
3. A bug needs fixing. :)  I appreciate your report, Sam, since, of
   course, it may indicate either a software or useability glitch.
   Let me know what works or leave the section unfinished and tell me
   so that I can try my hand at it or at a similar case.  I would love
   to nail it!

I should emphasize that #1 can be a handy workaround, but it's also
good--in the long run, of course--if we can figure out how to maximize
the use of cached data to ease the strain on the wiki.

I did a bit more testing. I'm not exactly sure about the effects of kfv-toggle-cache, so I'm gonna play some more with that. I did not touch kfv-ask-to-open-old-kfv-files-flag.

What I did now was take a directory with more than one file (fs/fuse) and verify only the first file. After that was uploaded I closed Emacs and started it up again. I did kfv-start on the same section and continued with the next file. I repeated that for each file, playing with different settings. I don't remember which steps I did with each file, but I did get these results one or more times:

- After first C-c C-c it asks to upload instead of generating the markup. The markup it wants to upload is still that of the previous file. - First C-c C-c generates markup, but with twice 0% instead of 100% for the file, although it was marked as GPLv2.

It looks like I do get correct results when I answer the question "found existing file, resume it?" with "n". I must add (since you brought it up) that this has a small usability issue. Upon uploading it asks me "Upload blabla.posted again?". I don't really know the answer to that question, because I don't know what that file is and whether it has changed in such way that it needs to be uploaded again. That can be solved somewhat by looking at the file, but for me that means going to a terminal and doing 'less ~/.gns-kfv/foo/blabla.posted'. Maybe an experienced Emacs user can escape from that prompt and open the file from there. Anyway, I just answer "y" and that seems to work.

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