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Re: [gNewSense-users] ideas & suggestions about gNewSense

From: Benedikt Ahrens
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] ideas & suggestions about gNewSense
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 17:50:12 +0100

hello torsten,

it is understandable that you are interested in the software you
mentioned. this software satisfies quite common needs. on the other
hand, there are still different needs, and not everybody who installs
gnewsense really wants the vlc player or java, for example.
this is why there is a (quite simple) way to add software after the
installation. the documentation for this is perhaps not on the
gnewsense webpage, but certainly on any ubuntu wiki (gnewsense is
based of ubuntu). instead of demanding to put all of the programs you
want to use on every machine where gnewsense is installed, i suggest
you to read some introduction to ubuntu, most of which applies to
gnewsense as well. the information can be complemented by what you'll
find on

have a lot of fun with your gnewsense system

On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 11:57 AM, Torsten Behrens
<address@hidden> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I am a gNewSense user, living in Northern Germany and for a few weeks now, I
> am also
> corresponding with Richard Stallman via email. I wrote Richard several of my
> ideas and
> suggestions for the future version(s) of gNewSense, because myself I am no
> computer
> expert at all -- I only do have basic knowledge, but not in programming nor
> editing the reps
> sources, etc.
> Maybe, you're also interested in my suggestions and ideas.
> Here are some things that should be preinstalled in gNewSense (in my view):
> - free graphic drivers support (for Nvidia or ATI). It's strange that EnvyNG
> is available for
> gNewSense, but I still have not found any solution(s) how to
> activate/install my Nvidia
> graphic driver with EnvyNG at gNewSense.
> - free GNU versions of the "Firefox 3" browser (i.e. IceCat) and also for
> "Thunderbird"
> (Icedove), because these browsers are more popular than Epiphany, or
> Evolution as
> default email program.
> - more free multimedia players, maybe a free GNU version of the popular VLC
> Media
> Player of a GNU alternative of the Gnome MPlayer, etc.
> - OpenJDK also should be preinstalled at gNewSense (or IcedTea with Open
> Java
> applets).
> - a free Flash Player (that also works!)
> - preinstalled free multimedia codecs (like Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Musepack,
> etc.). For
> newbies at gNewSense it's very frustrating, confusing & irritating to
> install all these codecs,
> unless they knows what should be install and what not! Make things for
> newcomers a bit
> easier! Myself, I was sitting hours at my computer, to find out what (free)
> codecs I should
> install and which not.
> If all these things (above) are preinstalled at gNewSense's next edition(s),
> so I am quite
> sure that more and more people would switch to gNewSense. I am a great
> supporter of
> gNewSense and I like your philosophy of 100% free software, but remember
> that some
> things for newcomers -or people with little computer knowledge- are a bit
> too
> complicated. That's why some things really should be preinstalled to make
> things easier
> for people to use gNewSense. Make gNewSense as easy as "Linux Mint", but
> with 100%
> free software preinstalled, not with properitary softwares as in Linux Mint.
> That's my
> suggestion.
> Can you please also tell me when gNewSense's next edition will be released?
> I didn't find
> any information about the next edition on the gNewSense's website. I am
> curious to know!
> I hope that my email was kind of inspiration for you and your team.
> Thank you very much for listening.
> Torsten Behrens
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