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[gNewSense-users] how to install gNewSense on my Dell Inspiron 1000

From: Bubba cakes
Subject: [gNewSense-users] how to install gNewSense on my Dell Inspiron 1000
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 23:02:02 -0500

a friend gave me her old dell inspiron 1000.  it has a celeron 2.2ghz
cpu, 30g hard drive, 448meg of ram.  it works fine except for
pcprivacycleaner taking over now and then. but i can exit from it's
windows and continue my work.

i want to install free OS with free software, because... well.... i'm poor.

so i downloaded the gNewSense deltah iso image file, and i can't get
it on the computer.  it took 12 hours to download 'cause i live in a
cabin in adirondack park and use a verizon wireless phone card, which
is pretty darn slow for downloads.  or uploads.

but i can't do anything with it.  why are there no instructions as to
how to work with this file?  do the developers want the users to
figure how to do things by googling for every step?  it's so
difficult!  i need instructions!  i was born computer illiterate and
didn't go to computer college.

here's what i DID do.  i was able to mount it, whatever that means,
but couldn't find where to run it, install it, tell it "go!", whatever
it wants to hear to get on my computer and work.  it's frustrating.

is gNewSense just for the computer literate?

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