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Re: [gNewSense-users] new homepage 1st draft

From: Fabian Ezequiel Gallina
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] new homepage 1st draft
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2008 15:45:46 -0200

2008/12/19 David Couzelis <address@hidden>:
> I really like this design!
> Has this been created as a webpage, or is it just a mock-up image for now? If 
> it is a webpage, how functional is it?

Thanks for everyone for comments, the download button was also a
placeholder it's just to show my idea of putting something like that
on the homepage.

It is a svg mockup I could pass it to xhtml+css in a day or so, but I
didn't wanted to do so because I first need to talk with the people in
charge of the web part.

> Does the search box work? I still vote for using Google and the "site:" 
> command, at least to begin with. ;-)

I do agree the search would be better if it is google's web search to the site.

> What would have to be done to replace the current website? Of 
> course anyone can edit the wiki, but who is in charge of the main site?
> The tabs pretty much make sense.
> Home -> (the page you made in the mock-up)
> Community -> the main wiki page
> Download -> a page that allows you to download a copy of gNewSense
> Docs/FAQ -> a wiki page with links to the message board, mailing lists, and 
> documentation
> Contact -> a page with contact information
> Right now there is a big difference between browsing the main site and the 
> wiki. How can we combine the main site and the wiki? Can the wiki be embedded 
> into the main site after clicking the "Community" tab? Would that even be a 
> good idea?
> I worry about having too much stuff on the main site that needs to be 
> updated. It looks great and is very useful, but if it doesn't get updated 
> regularly then that's no good. If it can automatically load current news from 
> other parts of the site (the mailing list or the forum) then that would be 
> amazing!

It is possible to create a theme for PmWiki so I think that we could
create a theme to recreate the main website design within the wiki.

Also we can take advantage of the data stored in the wiki's database
so we can take automatically the latest posts and such in the main

> The two gNewSense logos (on the site banner and on the download button) 
> together look a little strange. I would recommend changing that. One idea is 
> the make the new logo huge and light blue (just for the download button) and 
> have only part of it visible on the button. Hmm... If that's not a very good 
> description of my idea then just ignore it. :-P

I understand, but as I said previously it was more like a placeholder
than the real thing :)

> Lastly, I LOVE the updated gNewSense tree logo. I wish it was all over the 
> website and my OS as soon as possible! ^_^
> Dave

I love it too, that's why I decided to use the logo created by
sirgazil than the original one, but again this is just a personal
taste and nothing of this is official till the web team decides to use
this or not.

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