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[gNewSense-users] Decision Making (was Make MIPS gNewSense from Debian p

From: David Couzelis
Subject: [gNewSense-users] Decision Making (was Make MIPS gNewSense from Debian packages)
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 20:44:11 -0800 (PST)

As for making decisions for the future of gNewSense, it could be done by a method even simpler than voting:

"Whoever has an idea about how to solve an issue and can actually implement the idea just starts doing it."

In the example of making MIPS gNewSense from Debian or Ubuntu, it doesn't matter if I personally vote on one or the other, because I don't know how to implement it anyway. :-P

If you think making MIPS gNewSense from Debian would be better or easier (for example, because they already have a MIPS version) then just start working on it. As for the name, if you would still consider it the same operating system (for example, the same documention should be used for any operating system called "gNewSense") then call it something like "gNewSense-MIPS". Otherwise, just call it something else. (maybe "FreeMipsOS"...) If someone else decides that a version based on Ubuntu would be better, then work would begin on that, but the work that was done on a Debian version would definately NOT have gone to waste. It would be used in making the new version. ;-)

It helps greatly that gNewSense has such a wonderful focus - 100% free software. And since Brian Brazil and Paul O'Malley are doing such a great job already, I would go ahead and let them the final word on anything.

This way there is less debating and more free software. :-D

I hope I was able to express my idea clearly and unoffensively.


>>> How would the issue of deciding the starting platform be settled?
>>> Debian-way a la by voting?
>> We probably need to formalize how decisions like this are made -
I'd be
>> fine with just copying Debian's way of doing it, with perhaps veto
>> for the FSF campaigns team (rms/mattl/peterb/johns - not me) so no
>> changes could ever be made that would cause gNewSense to become
>> approved.
> Is Debian's way of doing it: every Debian Developer gets a vote? Then
what would the criteria for getting a vote in the gNewSense community be?

nothing has been decided, however two things to note

First up:

As much as I hate to say this, in Debian - really hard things do not get
decided one way or the other fudge might be the best word for it see the binary
firmware issue.
It could be a binary decision (A) do it or (B) don't and make changes to
dfsg to go with this decision however they choose option (C) do nothing and it
comes around next time as well.

Second up:
I would only consider that people who actually do code get to contribute to
that space, and it still needs to be monitored for freedom.
Voting ... not sure I am happy with that, this is a specialist project with a
very very specific goal, I would not like to give people power to possibly
dilute that.


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