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[gNewSense-users] gnewsense: summary of projects

From: Graziano Sorbaioli
Subject: [gNewSense-users] gnewsense: summary of projects
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2009 11:14:56 +0100
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A brief summary of our different gnewsense related projects for new and
old users/contributors. :)

gNewSense 2.2
- --------------

2.2 will come out when it's ready, not soon.
If bbrazil would like to send a brief update about what, in particular
he is working on, what help would be appreciated and so on I think it
could be good but I don't want to push nobody.
Keep on the great work.

gNewSense Website
- ------------------

The Web Team is currently working on hacking a new css for pmwiki and we
are almost there.
After that we will start to think about a complete new website (and
maybe a real forum).

gNewSense To MIPS
- -----------------

You can find what we currently know about the Lemote Yeeloong here:

Andreas is working on a possible approach to a mipsel gNewSense port
called Project Orchid:

gNewSense Artwork
- -----------------

Recently Sirgazil updated his Nuevo Sentido artwork.
It is a tarball containing wallpapers, sounds, icons, splash and gdm
screens, etc.
We have not a .theme file ready to install yet.

Nuevo Sentido:

gNewSense website translations
- ------------------------------

Currently the website is available in:
english, spanish, french, italian

the wiki is available in:
english, spanish, french, italiano, German, turkish, chinese, russian

AFAIK there are ongoing website translations in:
german, russian, chinese (?)

Please translators, correct me.

gNewSense Community page update
- ------------------------------

Is there some channel/mailing list that exists but it is not present in
our community page?

Feel free to tell us and someone will add it.

- ----------

As you can see there is a lot of work to do and we are searching for
help in almost ANY field.
Do you know a developer,artist,writer,translator,webmonkey who could be
interested in our work?

SPREAD THE WORD, write a post on your blog/website about our current
work: WE NEED YOU. :)

- --
Graziano Sorbaioli --
Join the Free Software Foundation:
Supporters will receive our new USB membership card with gNewSense Live

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