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Re: [gNewSense-users] Website skin updated

From: auto generate
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] Website skin updated
Date: Tue, 03 Mar 2009 01:24:37 -0500

On Tue, 2009-03-03 at 16:15 +1030, Karl Goetz wrote:
> On Mon, 02 Mar 2009 20:11:26 -0500
> auto generate <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi.
> > no not massively complex.  just add a button to take somebody to a
> > little window that explains stuff, for example what's a torrent,
> > what's a mirror, maybe just put a link there instead of a definition.
> Do you have an understanding of whats involved, or are you just telling
> me its easy? (if its easy, I'm not against someone doing it ...)
I don't know what's involved.
> > 
> > you really don't understand what i'm saying in this series of emails,
> > do you?  you have thought i'm a troll, that i don't know how to ask
> Perhaps I dont. Heres what I understand you to be saying:
> - you had trouble with some words on the website
Not just some words.  I mentioned some words. I've been having trouble
with everything.  I'm spoiled by windows doing all the work for me.  I
don't know how computers work, beyond "software runs the hardware".  So
when I looked at gns.o, I couldn't figure out anything.  Pretty much
that's it.  I've hardly a clue what you guys do, and when you write
stuff in English, it's foreign language.
> - gns.o isnt educational enough
I've been operating under the assumption that you guys want this os to
be available to anyone who wants to use it, which you affirmed in an
earlier email, and I also figured that non-technical people would
probably be having as much trouble as me.  Therefore I've been trying to
help.  I haven't actually offered to help, but I am now.  I want to
help.  I can write clearly and logically.  I'm a non-technical person.
I would like to help add some explanations where a non-technical person
might need them.  I thought that I might need to work with a technical
person closely in doing this, because he/she would have to explain
things to me.  I am willing to learn how to do technical things that
will allow me to do this kind of work without using the technical
person's time 100% of the time.  For example, learning how to edit the
Wiki, although I don't know anything I would do there.  I generally want
to help, but don't have any specific ideas.  I know it's been difficult
for me because programming is not my thing.  Maybe there's nothing I can
do. Maybe I need guidance (duh).

> - "someone" should make any word that might be hard to understand into
> a link to some explanatory text (link == not to hard, pop up box stuff
> == harder).
> - you've had trouble using gNewSense
> - perhaps a few other points that haven't sprung to mind.
> > smart questions, etc. etc.  what's up with all that?  are you a
> > grumpy sort of person?  if i was the only one having trouble, maybe
> Maybe. Maybe I'm also the one who gets told lots of things that should
> happen, and very few offers of help.
ah.  I see your frustration/irritation with that.  I would like to help.
> > that would be different, but others on this list seem to understand
> > that non-geeks such as myself have a hard time.  why don't you?  and
> > others seem to understand that some kind of consideration could be
> > used for non-technical people. why don't you?  
> I do have some 'some kind of consideration', except I also consider that
> its most likely going to be a technical person who implements it
> (whatever level of difficulty), as all the 'non geeks' cry "its to
> hard".
Maybe you and I could work together on "some kind of consideration" for
non-tekniks.  I could apply myself to learning to do some stuff that
isn't too hard for me.
> > 
> > i thought this users list was for general discussion.  am i wrong
> > about that?  i can easily stop being active here.  i don't need
> > trouble and grief from anyone.  life is hard enough.
> Yes, its a general discussion list. Anything happened here that makes
> you think its not?
Besides you jumping me? No.
> kk
> Ps.
> In Evolution pressing Ctrl+L uses 'reply to list', so you needn't
> 'reply all'. AFAIK this is an undocumented or poorly documented
> feature. Thought it might be handy in your future list using :)
ah, humor.  Ctrl+L it is, then.

Well, I spend too much time reading novels and watching really bad
movies, and since I have this interest in being a tor relay and
researching taboo topics for novels, which I want to do anonymously, I
might as well get started in helping out somewhere with gns.o.

How should I start?  Tell me, and I'll do it.
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