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Re: [gNewSense-users] How can I download Skype?

From: Luis Felipe Lopez Acevedo
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] How can I download Skype?
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 11:25:26 -0500

El mié, 29-04-2009 a las 11:30 -0400, Patrick DeBoard escribió:
>         You can have phone number and make PC-to-Phone and Phone-to-PC
>         calls but
>         that service is not available at no cost.
>         Patrick, to learn more about Ekiga you can read it's manual
>         in: ...
> Hi, Luis (and a belayed hello to Karl)
> Thanks the two of you for the specific and detailed help.  I'll read
> the manual!  I noticed the manual for Evolution  there, I'll read that
> one, too.

You're welcome.

> I have no problem at all paying for the phone #, hoping that it will
> be nominal.  I've been paying $2.95 a month for anotherVoIP phone # .
> Before that, I had been paying $65 for cell phone service. I'm sure
> that instructions how to make the purchase/lease will be in the manual
> or on the website.

Yes, that info is in the manual.

Also, once you have Ekiga configured, you can make a test call to:


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