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[gNewSense-users] Re: [lemote yeeloong] Testing the linux rms is using

From: Daniel Clark
Subject: [gNewSense-users] Re: [lemote yeeloong] Testing the linux rms is using
Date: Tue, 19 May 2009 09:51:09 -0400
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niklas svensson wrote:
> This is really great news. This is the kind of thing that me as a
> normal user would like to know about rms. The work of the FSF should
> be available to everyone, thanks for the opportunity.
> // nks

I'm slowly working on this general problem ("The work of the FSF should
be available to everyone") for sys admin stuff.

It's really hard to find time to do given all of the other work, but I
think it is valuable, and also has the possibility of paying for itself
and then some if we can make it easier for volunteers to help with or
experts to comment on our work.

I'd encourage anyone who is interested in helping with that or being
notified of when significant stuff happens there to sign up to this
mailing list:

In addition please feel free to hang out / brainstorm with us on #fsfsys
(freenode IRC, same IRC network as #gnewsense and #gnewsense-dev).

One thing that that we have become aware of recently is that an
english-language 64-bit version of is generally
available and maintained (trisquel is another Ubuntu Hardy based
GNU/Linux Libre distribution); that will actually make things much
easier, as we have been sensitive about making entire system
configurations available since we have been using Ubuntu repositories
out of necessity (for virtual servers, and servers in general for that
matter, you really need to run a 64-bit distribution, and to my
knowledge trisquel is the only libre distribution that has general
availability (eg non-alpha) x86_64 support).

Daniel JB Clark   | Sys Admin, Free Software Foundation |

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