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Re: [gNewSense-users] I decided to abandon gNewSense

From: 明覺
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] I decided to abandon gNewSense
Date: Wed, 20 May 2009 13:32:07 +0800

On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 7:41 PM, Patrick DeBoard <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Sadly, I recently decided I couldn't continue trying to make gNewSense work
> for me.  There were too many issues with using the internet, and the whole
> experience was just too confusing for me.  In the end, I loaded Windows XP
> onto my machine, and I disabled every automatic function when given a
> choice.  Currently, my computer is running well, and quick.
> I understand the Free as in Freedom movement, and I am FOR it.  I don't
> trust Gates and Microsoft, and I believe that Microsoft is probably
> violating the US Constitution by allowing the government access to its
> programs and users, under the table.
> But the main problem for me is being able to view video on the net.
> After 6 months of fiddling w/gNS, I got tired of "fiddling", especially
> since I had to fiddle in the dark.  gNS seems to be for developers and
> programmers, not for an everyday non-hack like myself.  The website remains
> confusing to me.  Navigation on it doesn't seem to be set up logically.  I'm
> used to Windows doing all the work for me, so I need "to the point" help,
> prominently displayed.
> I guess for me functionality is important.  For me it's more important than
> my constitutional rights to privacy and the right to do what I want with
> things I purchased.  Please understand that I am saying "for me".
> I don't know what "you guys" are going to do about functionality on the
> internet, but maybe you'll figure it out.  Without the ability to play
> videos on the internet, I don't see how gNS would ever be accepted as a
> mainstream OS and software package, but I've been wrong before.  Maybe
> that's not a goal/intention for the developers. At 62 years of age, I'm not
> so hot to jump on the "computer freedom" band wagon, or any wagon.  Rocking
> chair, recliner, and camp chair are more to my liking these days.
> I thought this feedback might be interesting for most of you who are on this
> list.  If not, please disregard.  Thanks.

Hi, Patick, generally, It should be a gradual process to switch from
windows to Gnu/Linux, I suggest you use both XP and gNS now, gradually
to find what gNS can also do as well as XP does. For some situations,
it's not possible to use only free software or only Gnu/Linux
operating systems. What we can do is to give some support to free
software, so that it can be developed, grow to be stronger.

I have been a full-time software developer for 5 years, and I still
have to install all the windows vista, debian and gNewSense on my
computer, for I need all of them to make my work and life fine, so
even a "professional" person might still need windows and other
Gnu/Linux os, besides gNewSense.

gNewSense is a very good distribution for its perfect installation
process and the pursue of "free as in freedom" ideal, of course, it's
far from perfect, it even has no amd64 version! It means that
gNewSense is a new baby, we use it now for we want to raise it up, so
just be patient. :)

> Patrick
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> address@hidden

我的操作系統是Gnu/Linux Debian/gNewSense Gnome Mozilla Gmail/Evolution
Gtkmm/Gtkglextmm Scim Totem Pidgin.

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