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Re: [gNewSense-users] Re: Wifi trouble (Lemote Yeelong)

From: Mikel L. Forcada
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] Re: Wifi trouble (Lemote Yeelong)
Date: Tue, 02 Jun 2009 06:38:47 +0200
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Thanks Daniel:

En/na Daniel Clark ha escrit:
Mikel L. Forcada wrote:
Hi, it's me again.

I have a Lemote Yeelong running gNewSense. Everything is up to date. I
added the wicd repository to /etc/apt/sources.list as shown in and installed wicd to
subsitute network-manager.
I went through all of the steps in the RmsLinuxForYou page too, to see if the r8187 driver would work better than the rtl8187 driver. When booting that kernel, no wireless is found. It looks like it were turned off.
I can only get a good Wi-fi connection if I am very close to the access
point. When I move away, perhaps 5 m away,  even if I get a good signal,
I get "No route to host" when I ping.  With other wireless devices I can
connect perfectly from anywhere in the house.

Has anyone experienced this problem? Is there a workaround?

You can try getting a:

Alfa Network 802.11g High Power Wireless USB Adapter Model AWUS036H

(I think about $40 now)

Initial testing shows it performs much better than the internal RTL8187b
(it is also RTL8187 based, but higher power and with a better antenna),
and also better than other no-binary-blobs external devices such as
other RTL8187-based devices and the Linksys RAlink RA2500USB device.
Does this mean there's a problem with the WiFi adapter inside the Lemote or that free drivers cannot make it work properly?

By the way, I have one of those good old Netgear MA111 USB Wifi adapters. On any Intel machine, if I boot a live gNewSense deltaH 2.2 from USB and plug that card, wireless works fine. I wonder if that card would also work with the Lemote.
This is with the out-of-linux-tree RTL8197b driver Lemote recommends
using in preference to the in-linux-tree driver (note that with this
driver, the module is "r8187", not "rtl8187").
This is what the RMSLinuxForYou installs I think.

You'll need to comment 2
lines in the source to avoid a lot of messages spewing to the console
about high power Rx mode being in effect (just comment out the printk,
which spans 2 lines); I'll be getting this information up on the
RmsLinuxForYou or another page on the wiki sometime soon.
OK, I'll wait for it because I am not sure I understand what you mean.

Thanks a lot!


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