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[gNewSense-users] My feeling after two week of use ...

From: aurelien
Subject: [gNewSense-users] My feeling after two week of use ...
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 19:51:23 +0200


Well Well Well ... after two weeks of use ... with only free.
It's certainly possible that i use gNS worthly ... but i try.

        - Audacity ... need to help friends on a file of 1.2Go, it take's
sometimes the full power of my cpu, and no other solution than kill it.
But after six hours of fight, i cut it in 18 part well.

        - Icecat ... Cool ... but no dictionnarie in my language (fr).
And daylymotion, youtube, deezer, are not usable.(The gnash package
don't fit as well as I need) (need to help artist friends on myspace or
other things.(I am really sorry to be so poor in programming language at
this time)

        - Mythryl ... Programming language ... if i well understand Cynben a
great master in programming language (he don't like sort of
considerations) but he is a master, a great one. It works well and
another user said (a heavy skill programmer not like me) that it don't
works under his Debian. :)

        - The hibernation don't works well (as the computer says) i don't
understand because all seems good from my little point of view, but the
computer says it's not good.

        - Evolution ... very well, just one point (but certainly coming from
me) i have an old backup that i use, as the name user is not the same,
it works but evolution seems to don't like that.

        - I try to install the same version of gNS on the computer of a
friend ... but some trouble appears. I think because of the quality of
the cd (a burning home one) because the install of the last Debian with
an original dvd works perfectly. (I give another burning and tested cd
to another one ... i hope all get well).

        - graphic card ... impossible to use [snif]

        - SD card reader ... not working [snif]

        - Mobile phone ... no mobile phone

        - usb drive ... ok

        - sound card ... ok (my hand potentiometer don't works) but i know that
it's coming from the kernel.

        - pdf ... cool

        - terminal ... some message from it should be great.

        - laptop mouse ... a bit fun, i think that something it's under drugs.

Ok, so, it cost a lot to be free ... But who says that Freedom have no
price ?

But i stay on gNewSense, because fight to be free, is better than fight
for something which you don't understant the goal.

Thanks to all freedom fighters

Trust the source, men's !


P.S. :  I hope that one day, i will be able to help you more than that.

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