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Re: [gNewSense-users] Tomboy/Netbeans/jdk

From: Luis Felipe Lopez Acevedo
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] Tomboy/Netbeans/jdk
Date: Sat, 05 Sep 2009 15:25:15 -0500

El sáb, 05-09-2009 a las 19:40 +0530, R.Siddharth escribió:
> Hi everyone ,

Hello, Siddharth.

> I am planning to make a switch from ubuntu Jaunty to gNewSense 2.2 .
> There are few things that I want to know before I erase my existing
> OS(s) , Does gNewSense allow Tomboy to be used ?  . Though Tomboy is
> under the Gnome project , I have my doubts since it is written in C# and
> uses Novell's Mono Rune time Environment  which of late got into some
> trouble .

You can read the discussion about mono and Tomboy future in

>   I am also learning  Java and I use Netbeans IDE and open-jdk
> for writing programs , is Netbeans and open-jdk accepted in the
> gNewSense community  , If no ,  I would like to be made aware of a
> alternative  for the IDE and the jdk (java). 
> Thanks for your time and help . 

Those tools are free software, NetBeans is in the repositories and the
OpenJDK is included by default in gNewSense. I used them when I was
learning Java too but I don't like that Java is still surounded by other
popular technologies that are not free and that Sun will keep
distributing a commercial version of the JDK which may contain not free
components. When I heard about Java platform going free I thought that
all people (Sun, community developers and users) were going to use the
same free and powerful tools; but it is not like that, and I don't like

Other things that I found very frustrating, specially when working with

* NetBeans running very slowly.
* OpenJDK Java Web Start doesn't work.
* Fonts in GUIs look bad (not for all programs).
* Components with abnormal spaces in them (not for all programs).

I started to program with Python and use PyGTK for GUIs and I feel very
comfortable with them. Plus, the things I was doing with Java I can do
with Python in less time.


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