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[gNewSense-users] installing packages

From: Gaspar Núñez
Subject: [gNewSense-users] installing packages
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 11:53:51 -0500


Finally i installed GNewSense in my laptop

1. version 2.3 does not have the option "Guided resize partition",
so when one uses the "Guided use entire disk", everything is gone,
i think the "guided resize partition" should be kept

2. Epiphany does not perform verywell, some pages are not well displayed
and it is not possible to read them, then i need to install Firefox,
i tried dowloading the package and extracting the compressed files,
instructions say i just have to run the firefox file, but i haven't found how.
I also tried with the "Gestor de paquetes synaptic" (i'm trying to do everything in spanish)
but the link to the dowloadable file seems not to be working 
I have not found specific directions on these

3. i also need to install packages like R and Maxima
and i did that using the "synaptic packages manager"
(i think this is the translation for "Gestor de paquetes synaptic")
and R and Maxima are reported as correctly installed
but i can't get them to work properly, that is to say,
i want the maxima icon to be in my desk and i need
the wxMaxima to work, i assume that once i can do this
i will also be able to manage R properly

4. i'm thinking about writing a step-by-step guide in spanish
giving detailed directions to install gnewsense and other packages
not included in gNewSense

5. i will appreciate any help, thank you



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