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Re: [gNewSense-users] Installing drivers for scanner HP Scanjet 2400

From: Frederique W. Piccart
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] Installing drivers for scanner HP Scanjet 2400
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 2009 12:54:24 +0200

On Sat, 3 Oct 2009 15:51:02 +0530
Maruthai Karunakaran <address@hidden> wrote:

> I have already shifted to gNewSense and I do not want to shift to any
> other distro.

That's the spirit. :)

> I have 2 problems:
> 1. I am not able to use my scanner- HP scanjet 2400. Should there be a
> procedure to make it work, I request some one to post the method.

Don't become too demanding now. ;)

I've looked around for you and I only found HP drivers under a
restrictive EULA and no source code available. You should email your
disappointment to HP and move on to a product that will have freedom

> If it is not possible to use this scanner in gNewSense, I request
> someone to spell it out so that I will look for a different scanner.
> 2, I want to intall one of this:
> pdf2djvu_0.4.13.tar.gz
> pdf2djvu_0.4.13_amd64.deb
> pdf2djvu_0.4.13_i386.deb
> Are these free softwares since it is not appearing in gNewsense
> Synaptic Package Manager?
> Can I add from the repository? I want a clear picture since I do not
> want to end up my system with non-free softwares!
> Kaunakaran

Unpack them and see if they contain a license file.

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