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Re: [gNewSense-users] The Lemote Fuloong/Lynloong

From: Karl Goetz
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] The Lemote Fuloong/Lynloong
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2010 20:26:46 +1030

On Sat, 27 Mar 2010 12:21:26 +0100
Cato Auestad <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am the proud owner of a Lemote Yeeloong which I recently got up and
> running with the gNS GNU/Linux operating system,
> after reading Graziano's recommendation on his blog.

Welcome in :) (I haven't followed the list closely, so if you got other
replies, lucky you :))

> Now, however, I am considering purchasing either a Fuloong or
> Lynloong to use as my primary computer (the netbook is a bit
> hard to use as a primary because of the screen size etc.) 

> If I purchase the Lynloong or the Fuloong, will I have any problems
> with the graphics card in gNewSense or must I bow to

TTBOMK, gNS won't currently run on either of those systems, Linux is
built specifically for Yeeloong.

In answer to your question: If you want to use the video port on those
two items, you will need to use the proprietary blob in pmon.

Karl Goetz, (Kamping_Kaiser / VK5FOSS)
Debian contributor / gNewSense Maintainer
No, I won't join your social networking group

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