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Re: [gNewSense-users] network connection

From: Sam Geeraerts
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] network connection
Date: Sat, 01 May 2010 11:44:44 +0200
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address@hidden schreef:
Hello Sam,

Thank you for your comments, which clearly took some effort on your part. However, I regret that I still do not understand how it is that there is a
common reluctance to write "I use a <name here> network card successfully
under gNewSense".  As I have indicated before, I wanted to use free

Most people use their computer's built-in network interface. So they don't have box with a brand and type on it of their network chip, or even their motherboard. And even if they did, it wouldn't translate easily to brand+type of a separate network card.

Any ideas about how to encourage users to contribute hardware reports are welcome. Leading by example, as you did, is a good start. You might also want to submit a report for the other hardware categories in the FSF list. Another thing you can do is ask anyone who comes here for help with a hardware problem to submit a report. Or write a guide on how to do that.

software but was held back by my existing network card; so, when I had
some time, I bought a couple of cards, flipped a coin, chose a card, and,
lo and behold, got lucky the first time - it worked.  Hence:

I use a D-Link DGE-530T (wired) network card successfully under gNewSense.

I realize that this is a very small piece of information; I cannot even
tell you which driver is in use - but it is already in gNewSense 2.3.  I
have informed address@hidden

You can find out the driver by running this in a terminal:

dmesg | grep eth

Alternatively, you can also do

lspci -nn | grep -i ethernet

That tells you the PCI id in square brackets, e.g. [8086:1229], which you can look for in /proc:

grep 80861229 /proc/bus/pci/devices

The last column of that output will tell you the driver you're using.

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