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[gNewSense-users] Learning GNU Emacs .

From: Siddharth
Subject: [gNewSense-users] Learning GNU Emacs .
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2010 18:08:54 +0530

I have just started to learn how to use GNU Emacs . At present I am
doing some basic java programs , reading info manuals and  text files
using GNU Emacs . I wish to learn more about this beast of a softare .
So why am I posting this in this list which discusses gnewsense ? . It
was apparent to me that most of you in this list are very much
proficient at Emacs and I was looking out for sources ( other than the
info emacs Manual ) to read from . If you know places where I can get
some significant information regarding Emacs or places where people come
together to discuss about emacs , I will be grateful if you could direct
me there . 

Thank you for the time and energy you spent responding .

Impeach God 

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