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Re: [gNewSense-users] Learning GNU Emacs .

From: Manolinux
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] Learning GNU Emacs .
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2010 15:08:01 +0200

Learning emacs was quite hard for me because I didn't like any of the
tutorials I found, because they entered too early in deep concerns. I
wrote a very fast tutorial (I called it miniman emacs), but it is not
online at the moment (my hosting closed).

Here are the basics, you can use others tutorials to get deeper:

In tutorials you will found some things are called diferently in emacs:

Meta key: Alt key
Buffer: a file opened in emacs (is similar to tabs in gedit)
Window: not a GUI window, but one zone in the GUI window
Kill text: cut text
Kill buffer: close a buffer

Key combination

C-<key> means Ctrl + <key>
M-<key> means Alt + <key> (Alt key is called Meta key on almost all tutorials)

Quit emacs: C-x C-c (this means pressing Ctrl + x, relasing them, and
pressing C + c)
Save file: C-x C-s
Opening a file: C-x C-f
Closing a file: C-x k (press Ctrl + x, release them, and press k)
Jump to another of the opened buffers: C-x b
Split the window: C-x 2 (horizontal) or C-x 3 (vertical)

Start selecting text: C-<space>
Copying text: M-w (this copies from the position where you pressed
C-<space> to the current cursor possition)
Cutting text: C-w
Pasting text: M-y (or middle mouse button)


I think these are the more basics operations you will need. I strongly
recommend you to start using the emacs editor with these options
before reading more tutorials that will give you better knowledge of
the editor. I reccomend you also to use the graphical interface, and
explore the menus as you get bored.

Good luck.

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