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[gNewSense-users] Re:Learning GNU Emacs

From: Siddharth
Subject: [gNewSense-users] Re:Learning GNU Emacs
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2010 15:36:11 +0530

> There is a joke, popular among emacs detractors, but still a good joke
> that says:
> "Emacs is a great operating system, it only lacks a good text editor".
LOL , I have come across this quote somewhere . 

> I use emacs almost only to text editing, but if you feel geek enough,
> you can try some uses:
> M-x tetris
> M-x dunnet (I love this adventure)
> M-x zone (increases your productivity)
> M-x shell (shows you a terminal)
> M-x eshell (this shell is better for some purposes, as does not print 
> passwords)
> M-x artistic-mode (for drawing asciiart)
Mu , this time you came up with something that i am not aware of and
thank you for that . I liked dunnet , i will explore when I have time .
When I hit "M-x zone" , I first thought something had gone wrong with
emacs , then after I hit some random navigation key-combination
everything reverted back to normal . Instead of 'zone' mode I would like
to call it as 'distortion' mode , atleast this is more verbose .  
> There are also several packages that add some functions:
> org-mode: for notes and TODO-lists
> emacs-jabber: it displays even photos
> support for PDF display (I don't think is in the version with comes
> with gNewSense)
PDF in emacs , that's great , but is it possible to view PDFs in emacs
if emacs is run in commandline ( I noramally prefer running emacs in
commandline) . 


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