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[gNewSense-users] questions about ntfs, w-lan and grub

From: anoglad
Subject: [gNewSense-users] questions about ntfs, w-lan and grub
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 23:37:50 +0100

Hello awesome freedom supporters,

I have 3 partitions: 1 for GNU/Linux , 1 for data (ntfs format) and 1 for 
windows. I installed GNU by using the program from and GNU/Linux works well, however i can't see 
windows in the Grub loader. How can i change this? I was very carefully when i 
installed the OS. I can see the windows partition from GNU so i don't think 
that i deleted something unintentionally.

Which packages do i have to load to be able to mount a ntfs disk? I know ntfs 
is unfree, but it's absolutely necessary. My parents and my brother do not 
wonna switch to GNU/Linux and without ntfs i can't share music with my brother.

Which packages do i have to load to be able to use wireless lan with my leptop. 
There is no free software driver (I think), so i'd like to use a non-free 
alternative. No wireless lan means no internet and consequently no access to 
information and to the whole human knowledge and culture for me. When i used 
ubuntu, w-lan worked. So is there a little ubuntu tool which scans my hardware 
and installs missing non-free drivers if there is no free alternative?
 Feature request: It would be awesome if gNewSense could ask the user if he 
wonna use unfree software to enable very important hardware functions (opt-in 
of course). This would lead to much more freedom.

Thank you very much!

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