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[gNewSense-users] Re: questions about ntfs, w-lan and grub

From: Niklas Cholmkvist
Subject: [gNewSense-users] Re: questions about ntfs, w-lan and grub
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2010 03:19:30 +0200


anoglad wrote:
> Do you know some nice, free games?
Before I tell my personal favourites I think Trisquel has a 'free as in
freedom' gaming community.(even release their own special CD/DVD which
is a gaming CD/DVD but everything is(or tries to be) floss 'free as in
Here is the announcement page:

Personal favourites are: 
FPS: Openarena(I think there's a 'noblood' option so that blood is not
diplayed) a first person shooter, based on the game engine ioquake3.
"Battle for Wesnoth". I play Wesnoth sometimes just to read and follow
some interesting storylines in campaigns like "Descent Into
Darkness"(played a long time ago), "Under the Burning Suns"(played it a
long time ago), "Invasion from the Unknown"(in the future of Wesnoth)
Because I get bound to the music of games very much I've been very bound
to Wesnoth. One of my latest music favourites are "Weight of Revenge"
and a bit of "Casualties of War".
Not to forget to mention that I tried the campaign "Bad Moon Rising" and
it went far ahead of my expectations, especially with the sequel
"Trinity"(very impressed by it story-wise). Wesnoth 1.9.2 beta looks
really nice(graphics rendering improvements), who knows when it will be
released as stable. One of the few multiplayer maps I like is "A New
Land" and sometimes "The High Seas: Estiban gaol"(pirates, plunder
etc.). Both these two maps are not much like wesnoth because there is a
lot of micromanagement involved, but I like it. "A New Land" is my
definite favourite though.
Powermanga is a shoot em up which I've tried lately. Cartoonish graphics
in my view and I think it is cool. I start it with the --easy option so
that I won't lose the game that easily(I rarely want a big challenge,
instead just want to have fun!)
Liquid War! Some scientific experiment I think which was later developed
into a game. I have uploaded a video to youtube which shows me play it.
"Battle Tanks", a 2D game designed for LAN play but does not require it.
I play it sometimes just for the massive amounts of explosions, weapons
and fun music(more users have commented on the music as really good).
Also it starts up fast and quits/'exits' fast.(something I wish for all

What kind of games do you like?
Kind regards,

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