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Re: [gNewSense-users] Modprobe and Unmet Package Dependencies

From: Paul Roge
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] Modprobe and Unmet Package Dependencies
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2010 08:14:45 -0600

Thanks Sam! I ended up having to reinstall the kernels.

- Paul

On Sun, 2010-12-12 at 22:32 +0100, Sam Geeraerts wrote:
Paul Roge wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a Lemote Yeeloong notebook that is running Gnewsense metad. I
> have three questions:
> 1. On startup, I receive the following warning:
> modprobe: Fatal: Could not
> load /lib/modules/
> No such file or directory
> How can this be resolved?

Executing "dpkg -S modules.dep" in a terminal will tell you which 
packages the file modules.dep is in, with the full path. Reinstalling 
the package ("aptitude reinstall <package>" without the brackets) should 
bring the file back.

> 2. The following package upgrades are held back by apt-get due to unmet
> dependencies:
> alacarte alsa-utils apt apt-listchanges apt-utils aptitude avahi-daemon
> bash bc bind9-host dnsutils libavahi-ui0
> Does this matter? How can the packages be upgraded?

It seems some packages in our repository got upgraded when they 
shouldn't have. We're looking into the issue.

> 3. Which kernel should I be using? I tried to replace
> linux-image- with
> linux-image-, however thereafter grub-yeeloong and
> yeeloong-base were marked as obsolete. When I marked yeeloong-base for
> reinstallation, it asked to reinstall
> linux-image-

There's a hard dependency between yeeloong-base and 
linux-image- I recommend that you leave both 
packages installed. You can additionally install a newer Linux-libre 
version, like, without any problems. Currently the Linux-libre 
packages don't upgrade automatically, so you have to periodically check 
for newer versions if you want them. Sometimes we upgrade the dependency 
in yeeloong-base and then you do automatically get the upgrade.

Paul Roge
Home: Calle Jacalon 102, San Felipe del Agua, Oaxaca, CP 68020, MEXICO
Mail: Apartado Postal #3, Nochixtlan, Oaxaca, CP 69600, MEXICO
Cell: 831.818.7962

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