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Re: [gNewSense-users] where can i find information / pathces to build ic

From: matti christensen
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] where can i find information / pathces to build icecat on lemote system ?!
Date: Sat, 14 May 2011 11:46:56 +0300
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first of all - i am trying my best to sound polite and friendly, but as i'm not native english, it is not so easy = sorry

following lines found from an email referenced on the email you sent a link to me, made me think that the patch was targeted to n32 systems;


When building GNU IceCat from source on MIPS, I encounter an error that have
been reported on Mozilla [1] and fixed in current (4.0 beta 9) version of
Firefox. The problem comes from binutils though and seems to occur only on MIPS
with ABI n32 [2].


I attach to this email the patch used to fix this problem. Basically, it
disables TLS support for MIPS in "".
The following commands have to be run after the patch has been applied:


i'm rather frustrated on this browser issue on lemote loongson 2f hardware as i've been trying to build different browsers for months now = i'm not a developer but been building various software on Linux a long time ( from 1.2.13 kernel days ). now it appears that i can not find the correct pieces of information and possible patches...



Quoting Christophe Jarry <address@hidden>:

--- the patch below is targeted to n32 ABI systems and mine is built
on debian o32

How do you know that the patch is for n32 ABI systems only?

--- do you mean that only this patch is needed on gnewsense to build

This patch was needed to build IceCat 3.6.14 for gNewSense on Yeeloong. It has
been integrated into upstream code (Firefox) since version 4.0.

But if you try to build Icecat on something Yeeloong with gNewSense metad, you
will end up with this error message:

./assembler/jit/ExecutableAllocator.h:395:6: error: #error "The cacheFlush
    support is missing on this platform."

(directory "assembler" is in icecat-4.$SUBVERS/js/src).
See the bug report at


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