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Re: [gNewSense-users] Grsecurity on gNewSense, but for real?

From: tryngf1
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] Grsecurity on gNewSense, but for real?
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2013 09:20:38 +0000

On 08/30/2013 at 11:00 PM, "Karl Goetz" <address@hidden> wrote:
>address@hidden wrote:
>> I wasn't able to find any reference to Grsecurity in gnusense-
>> archives.
>> I also shun fast as I can from SELinux, because I believe it is 
>> true solution, to speak in kind terms.
>I thought apparmour was available too, but it appears that 
>directory is empty on the mirror - must have been removed for some 


I was just able to open the directory:

But latest date there:
03-Dec-2010 16:07

(but neither is apparmor my wish nor preference)

>> Grsec/Pax are fully GNU, fully free, but to cut to the point, 
>> Debian leaders have no ear at all for this twin program solution
>> (Grsecurity is often used to mean the combination of the two.
>The grsec kernel patch (as packaged in Debian) is available in 
>gNewSense repositories:

That is an old out-of-reality misery apparently purposefully left there for
users' confusion. Yes, really yes: for users' confusion.
That is just one of the obstacles that, upon sincere insight,
can not be honest, unintentional errors. 

Here's what I posted months ago about such effective misleading of
("grsecurity install made difficult and misleading, why?")

>As a side note, referring to 'current Debian leaders' makes it 
>sound like a recent conspiracy - the current arrangement is 
>neither recent nor (from what i can see) a conspiracy.

Lots of references, much of them often swiftly swept
under the carpet, that bias is there, aplenty, in the GNU/Linux world.
And to say bias is quite often understatement.

Grsecurity is installed completely, completely differently than
a newbie is led to believe and led to lose effort and time if
he/she wants to install it on Debian.
Anyone trying to have Grsecurity installed on his Debian system is
bound to find that out, so I'll leave proving my point for those,
if such join our discussion (but only once I install gNewSens).

If you are familiar with the ffmpeg/avconv (if IIRC that the "avconv" is
the right name of the rebellious FFmepg branch that, upon their searching
in aptitude to install ffmpeg declares to them that the FFmpeg this
branche rescinded away from is "obsolete"...
So if you are familiar with the ffmpeg/avconv saga
and where FFmpeg is hosted among other packages
that Debian is also not hosting or what ever the full case is...

So if you are familiar with the ffmpeg/avconv tell me is that just
bias or so much more/worse there?

And if you're not, the correspondence, related to the whole of Christian's
Debian Multimedia Archive, not just the ffmpeg, btwn Christian Marillat
and Stefano Zacchiroli (the outgoing Debian leader, IIUC), if freely
available on the internet from various sources, I think the link
is available from Here I found it:

And since we're on Christian Marillat's Multimedia which to me looks
much better than Debian's "official" Multimedia (most people who
find out about the story end up using DMO, not the official...)

Anyone knows if packages from could be,
even with some extra work (user work, I'm not a programmer), installed
on gNewSense?

>> Grsecurity fully for its (future) users, such as Gentoo has 
>done, and
>> such as the Ututo, I hear, but am banned from Europe to even 

Just for the gNewSense users, I have recently had a case of exemplary
defence of my SOHO by Grsec/Pax, IMO, but, seemingly due to my
somewhat unruly nature (I tend to write scathing remarks on the big
and less big establishments, big and less big agencies of some particular
special nature and big and reknowned names, when they fail us...
But seemingly due to my "unruliness", any truly competent confirmation
has not come my way yet on it.
What Richard Stallman speaks publically, and I watched him on
Russia Today (the Sophie and Co. show), truly marvellous interview,
deign of the founder of the sole hope left in computing, as I view
the GNU (or GNU/Linux) Operating System. You can probably find it on but I don't know, I watched it via satellite...
What Richard Stallman speaks publically, Grsecurity does in work. I
mean the core part of it. And the core part of GNU freedom is privacy,
which only hawks and late-understanders in this post-Snowden day and age don't
understand yet or purposefully lie so others wouldn't understand
(with that in mind pls., you can view this: ).
Grsecurity/Pax, through their work, make the GNU ideas possible.
I believe the true privacy, which is the essence, the soul of true freedom,
in computing, is not really possible without Grsecurity/Pax-patched
kernel and just a little overhead of Gradm (Grsecurity administation) program.
If you didn't get it that I am speaking about the survaillance state(s)
overpowering on us, then yes, I am speakng about our societies being
very very Orwellianly big-brotherly, yes.
There is more, from me, on, where readers of this
topic can start from my announcement that I was about to try and switch from
Debian to gNewSense, here:

I have no experience yet with gNewSense, I am in the process of
installing it, I hope all goes fine, and I am able to report back on,
again hopefully, successful install of Grsecurity/Pax on gNewSense.
Slow machine, allow more time.


Miroslav Rovis,
Zagreb, Croatia

Oh, and as Richard Stallman said in that show on Russia Today, paraphrasing,
now is the time to fight for privacy, because many people are fighting now, in
this time after Edward Snowden's revelations, and if you try and join later,
well later might be too late, because later not so many people might be
fighting for privacy anmore.

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