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Re: [gNewSense-users] Brother printer

From: Paul A. Crable
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] Brother printer
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2014 19:46:16 -0000
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> I didn't read through the whole script, so didn't run it myself. It
> looks like it downloads and installs a package called brscan (possibly
> with a number postfix) for the scanner. Can you find that package in
> Synaptic?

Yes, and it has been installed for a while.

> For the printer it installs a file to /etc/cups/ppd/. Is there a ppd
> file in that folder that relates to your printer?

Yes, MFC7360N.PPD.  There also are two related to another device, the
Brother DCPJ-140W.

> Check http://localhost:631/printers in your browser. Do you see your
> printer listed there?

Yes.  These devices are listed:

    - MFC7360N--Brother MFC7360N for CUPS--Idle

    - Brother DCP-J140Wz--Brother DCP-1200 - CUPS+Gutenprint
v5.2.6--Processing - "Printing page 1, 6%"

    - DCPJ140W--Brother DCP-J140W CUPS)--Idle

Paul A. Crable.  Portland, Ore.  U.S.A.
paul AT crable DOT us

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