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[gNewSense-users] Suggestion about GDM startup on Gnome 3.12 based distr

From: Davide Marchi
Subject: [gNewSense-users] Suggestion about GDM startup on Gnome 3.12 based distro live
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2015 13:15:05 +0100
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Hi friends,
excuse me for this mail little relating with the development of gNewSense, but much about the development of live distributions based on Gnome.

I am trying to complete a pubblic live distributionwith Gnome desktop 3.12.x and Ubuntu 14.04 but encounter a great difficulty that I want to expose in the hope of receiving your kind help. I wrote to anyone: the mailing list GDM, the Gnome devel mailing list, on the Ubuntu forums (in English and Italian), on the Ubuntu ask, but no one has been able to help me.

The problem is this:

setting by dpkg-reconfigure, GDM as default greeter, instead of the login window obtain a black screen and going to the first console appear "authentication failure" message.

using dpkg-reconfigure and select the Lightdm as default greeter all work fine: the greeter show the login screen and the user is able to authenticate.

As usual,
if I do not use any user, and set GDM ad default greeter, all work fine, but no login screen appear and the user goes directly to its desktop.

Starting the live system as single mode, I've tried to start GDM by console (service gdm start) with the same result.

For build the iso I'm using the Ubuntu directive:

This is never happened to you?

many many thanks!


cosmogoniA <>
n o p r o v a r e n o f a r e o n o n f a r e n o n c e p r o v a r e

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