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[Gnobb-dev-savannah] gelding inconveniently

From: Valentine Solomon
Subject: [Gnobb-dev-savannah] gelding inconveniently
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2006 11:53:34 -0700
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I ran both days - what a difference new shoes make!
people should really start signing up like. Finally there was Media in the afternoon. Okay i think i might sleep more.
But after I snooped around her site I instantly recognised her art from some Vertigo books. - Annoying people that talk during class. - Annoying people that talk during class.
Anything with too much fat and cholestoral content. i wish i had someone to talk to but no ones home and no ones online. now im just chilling. i was extremely impressed by every aspect of it. - People that constantly nag and bitch.
im working on scenes today. the opener was kinda disappointing, it was two guys from king crimson who just fiddled around with no direction with a bunch of electronic stuff. I study Buddhism as the philosphy it is, and do not worship any sort of deity. Please reach me as soon as possible.
I could not get her to understand that I just wanted the name of someone to speak to - she never shut up for a single minute to listen to me. Just a little Meme thing.
I also need to call my bank to see what kind of rate they can give me on a loan, and probably figure out just how much my insurance would adjust to having a different car. i wish i had someone to talk to but no ones home and no ones online.
so i asked her if she wanted to see but she said no.
really, really good show.
the lighting and sound gave the show the extra creepy and dark effects that i think the director was trying to get from the show and the actors. i think that the costumes were very nice except for a few that were quite obviously set in the wrong period for this show. the makeup for this show was very heavy and, i think, too much for having actors so close to the audience. But when I saw everyone doin stuff I wanted to too.
- Annoying people that talk during class.

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