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[Gnobb-dev-savannah] climactic slacken

From: Jennifer Brock
Subject: [Gnobb-dev-savannah] climactic slacken
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 09:25:40 +0300
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The users were totally stumped by what we thought was obvious. Failures are shitty but they let us learn.
But the paperwork was amazingly complex.
Appliance supports WAN optimization mechanisms, including dynamic bandwidth allocation, smart packet forwarding, compression, and TCP acceleration for optimizing TCP and UDP flows.
The idea was to leave a slight trail, that bugs would get some on themselves and it would not kill them instantly, so they could make it back to the nest and kill the other bugs. There was a learning from what he did. Here are my notes from his talk.
It became a huge business.
Questions can kill an entrepreneurial team. Can you go too far in customer focus? Typically the customer metric gets blown off. Germ theory, Copernicus, etc. That idea was invented by a QA person. The end product is packaged as the CHI Madness session.
We had less than half the features and were selling at twice the price of the market leaders.
A lot of great things happen through guerilla efforts. You need a solid customer metric. You can get into live conversations with experts while doing your taxes.
Graphics can sometimes communicate scent, too. We post pictures and reports in the office when we come back. Solution also helps reduce false markings of vascular calcifications and lymph nodes as well as those due to film noise or grain and linear structures.

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